Office Services


I offer a variety of simple administrative services:


· office administration and organization

· bookkeeping

· technical/computer support and training

· informal coaching

· facilitating, and more


I bring enthusiasm and focus to my work, leaving my clients energized about theirs.  As a collaborative leader, I work with you or members of your office to help refine goals and move forward on projects. 


I work part-time and am happy to come in once to get you going, or to work with you on an ongoing basis for several hours to a couple of days a week.  My fees are very reasonable. 


Below are some examples of the types of clients I work with and the different ways I help them.  If you or someone you know could use my services, please contact me.



Client Services Descriptions


Consulting Arborist, a one-man shop:

· create document and spreadsheet templates for him to easily collect data in the field and convert it quickly to a comprehensive report

· manage the flow of information into and out of the office (telephone, voice mail, email, paper mail, filing system, etc.)

· create project flow management tools from manila to electronic folders (nothing fancy or expensive—it just works!)

· provide field site assistance taking notes and transcribing them into report templates

· Provide technical/computer support, research, and training


Local theatre playhouse:

· facilitated board and staff retreats


Retired Vice-Chancellor at national university:

· provide basic bookkeeping

· provide technical/computer support, research, and training


IT Professional, a 3-person shop, and a Private Individual:

· provided basic bookkeeping and file management



· coached her on how to manage her busy schedule, both conceptually and online


Graphic Design Firm:

· supported the administration department on a temporary basis while they were between hires.  Help define the position.


Music Teacher:

· assisted her in preparing for legal action against a contractor, including doing research, meeting with pro bono attorneys, and making key phone calls to opposing counsel

· completely re-organize her music collection of over 5,000 sheets of music


Private Individual:

· helped prepare her house for the arrival of her new son


Energy Consultant:

· completely weeded and re-organized her office in preparation for moving


Healthcare Administrator:

· coached her on the use of paper and electronic organizers to effectively blend her low-tech lifestyle with the electronic systems at her office






· Green Lake Chamber of Commerce (temporary link—web site comingsoon)

· Northwest EcoBuilding Guild

· Phinney Neighborhood Association

· Home Owners Club

· Microsoft Alumni Association

· Biznik

· LinkedIn




· Seattle Women’s Chorus

· Context Associated

· Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation